A Kids Winter Birthday Solution

March 9, 2020 | Uncategorized

Winter birthday parties — even late winter, when you start to feel the daylight a little longer — are hard on parents. Selecting the right venue that accommodates large groups of kids, noise and the need for physical exertion seems impossible.

In the day in age when parents are doing just about anything to get their children’s faces out of and away from screens, you’re left with only a handful of venue options for indoor, all-weather birthday party options.

Movies won’t work — there’s the noise element to worry about. Laser tag? Maybe, but that’s always a nightmare. Bowling? Junk food central. Paintball? No way! Roller rink? Too risky… and oddly sticky. Your home? Nu-uh!

So what’s left?


When it comes to the perfect place/venue for a group of energetic, always-in-motion kids, NinjaZone fits the bill. It offers a safe, supervised location for kids to use their bodies (and minds) and actually use that extra energy for good. It’s teaching without the kids knowing any better — coordination, determination, team work, patience, discipline — the list goes on.

It’s something for kids to do that won’t create jealousy or the potential for confrontation. There’s no competing with anyone but yourself. You’re seeing what your own body and mind are capable of, while cheering on and supporting others around you. It’s perfect for girls and boys. It’s different. It’s better.

All licensed NinjaZones are fully padded and prepared for even the most energetic children — bring them with the intent to tire them out, we mean it!

To schedule a Ninja party, contact your nearest NinjaZone today.