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Growing up, some children may or may not have access to foreign language classes at school. Though more scientists are finding that children who have exposure to foreign languages excel on examinations and with interpersonal skills, many more school districts are cutting foreign language classes. In an article for The Telegraph, Catherine Ford states, “Pupils who learn a foreign language outscore their non-foreign language learning peers in verbal and maths standardised tests, indicating that learning additional language is a cognitive activity not just a linguistic one.” 

In response, Parents created a list of 6 foreign languages that children should learn. Here are a few words from each to help you and your kids get started:

  1. Spanish
    • Hello: Hola
      • Oh-lah
    • Goodbye: Adiós
      • Ah-dee-ohs
    • Please: Por favor
      • Pour fah-v-oar
    • Thank you: Gracias
      • Grah-see-ahs
    • I love you: Te quiero
      • Tay key-air-oh
  2. French
    • Hello: Bonjour
      • Bahn-jour
    • Goodbye: Au Revoir
      • Ow re-voo-ar
    • Please: S’il vous plaît
      • Seal voo play
    • Thank you: Merci
      • Meh-r-see
    • I love you: Je t’aime
      • Jay tame
  3. Mandarin Chinese
    • Hello: 你好 (Nǐ hǎo)
      • Nee how
    • Goodbye: 再见 (Zàijiàn)
      • Z-eye-chee-en
    • Please: 请 (Qǐng)
      • Ching
    • Thank you: 谢谢 (Xièxiè)
      • She-she
    • I love you: 我爱你 (Wǒ ài nǐ)
      • Wha eye nee
  4. Italian
    • Hello: Ciao
      • Chow
    • Goodbye: Addio
      • Ah-dee-oh
    • Please: Per favore
      • Pair fah-voo-ray
    • Thank you: Grazie
      • Graht-zee-eh
    • I love you: Ti amo
      • Tee ah-moh
  5. German
    • Hello: Hallo
      • Hah-low
    • Goodbye: Auf Wiedersehen
      • Ow-f Vee-der-zen
    • Please: Bitte
      • Bit-uh
    • Thank you: Danke
      • Dahn-kuh
    • I love you: Ich liebe dich
      • Eek lee-bey deek
  6. American Sign Language
    • Hello:
    • Goodbye:

    • Please:

    • Thank you:

    • I love you:


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