8 Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

February 10, 2020 | Save Time

Save time with these easy-to-make-at-home craft ideas!

I remember when my children were very young and trying so hard to get a seasonal craft checked off the list every time a holiday rolled around. It got to the point where I dreaded it and so did my children. Pinterest is great for inspiration and for experienced crafters — but for this busy mom of 2, I needed something easy.

Now, I didn’t want to completely abandon crafting with my kids (because there’s just something about homemade decorations…amirite?) but if it involved 20 steps, a fancy machine, and more than 20 minutes, I couldn’t handle it.

In my search, I found these 8 easy crafts that my children and I could do together (and actually enjoy). They all allow for creativity and exploration with a variety of materials. What’s your favorite easy Valentine’s Day craft to do with your kids?

Heart Shaped Pencil Toppers
Toilet Roll Gift Box
Painted Mason Jar Craft
Valentine’s Day Slime
Hand on Heart Handprint and Fingerprint Craft
Puzzle Piece Wreath