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Studies: Active Kids Are Definitely More Successful In School

January 20, 2017 | Club Owners, Grit, Ninja Kids, Ninja Parents, Ninja Values

Major hat tip to Inc.com today, for publishing an article earlier this month that caught our attention.

Research is supporting exactly what NinjaZone is all about—keeping kids moving.

New studies are showing that we’re stunting kids academic growth by forcing them to sit still for 6 hours straight. Kids are naturally hardwired to react physically, and sometimes with high energy. Adults are forcing kids to stifle this behavior. We understand kids have to be quiet in a classroom setting to learn. We also understand that kids are still KIDS!

The bottom line? START WITH BOYS. Boys are naturally excitable and boisterous–unless they’re in school– where they’re made to sit quietly throughout the day. If kids get rowdy or chatty in class, they’re often punished by having their recess revoked. Helloooo…we’re a self-fulfilling prophesy, here! Jeepers.

Results of studies are showing that kids’ reading skills are actually stunted as a result of being denied physical activity. The kids that were given time to ‘run’ were more successful academically.

But, what about girls?

Well…ready for this? Results simply didn’t apply to the girls. Girls are considered the gold standard in school. Girls are the gold standard in gymnastics, too. See where we’re going with this?

According to the Inc.com article, restricting the movement of kids can actually cause an increase a child’s aggressiveness. Also, ADHD is being diagnosed at a very rapidly growing rate. According to researchers, a good reason for this occurrence is simply because kids are not moving enough, and it’s mentally harming them.

Kids are fidgeting, and not focusing in classrooms where they aren’t allowed to move. Standardized testing cuts into recess. Some schools are cutting down recess times because academic demands are too high.

The reason NinjaZone recommends separating boys from girls in class is solidly backed by this research. The fact that girls didn’t even register on the scale by researchers? Well, that simply means this—girls aim to please. They will listen. They will be less energetic and flighty than boys.

Hear me, y’all! There is nothing sexist at play here! Boys are just boys. Girls are girls. Girls learn differently. They act differently. They REact differently. Girls tend to be more attentive and less rambunctious. They simply don’t physically have the same biology. As I tell my 6 year old, “How boring would it be if we were all the same?!”

We separate boys and girls in gymnastics classes. Basketball teams. Soccer. Track. Cross Country. The reason? Because the formula works. Kids are split by gender to allow them to get the most out of their sport. They learn best in a consistent environment which allows them to thrive.

One final point from the Inc.com article that I would like to reiterate, because it’s important (and because I should probably hop off my stylish and super glittery soapbox): Until schools can find their own “gold standard” of movement for kids, it’s up to the parents to make up for what they lack in school. Kids. Need. To. Move.

The formula used by NinjaZone allows kids to move, thrive, and redirect their energy into a positive activity. It’s helping kids maintain focus in school, learn body safety, and boys and girls alike are having fun. And really…isn’t that what it’s all about? We need our kids to move and have fun. //ends rant and wipes soapbox glitter from boots//