The 6 Character Pillars of Ninja Zone

January 7, 2016 | Ninja Values

Ninja Zone’s mission is to build the character and athletic foundation of a child through sport.

Ninja Zone has a Character Pillar that is integral to the curriculum.   Ninja Zone values a community of good people raising great kids. Strong people. People that believe in teaching their children to work hard, play hard, and make a difference.   The Ninja Zone curriculum and Ninja Sport itself teaches kids what sports should. Healthy FUN, work, passion, exercise, social skills, and commitment. But… Ninja Zone has had the opportunity by starting fresh to be created  by experts that are real parents with real goals and realistic expectations, and  not coaches or parents driven by themselves or their own child’s successes. Your money is valuable, and being financially responsible is important to you.  Your time is even more valuable. Your children are with us for only a short time, and we want you to feel good about the quality of time we’ve provided them. Ninja Zone has thought this out and is driven by this educational foundation.

The Ninja Zone curriculum has 2 pillars – Character and Atgletic. The most important, the mental or  Educational Pillar, has 6 points.

  • Use Energy to Create Focus – Focused energy equals success. Period. Imagine what you could do with more energy? Our kids have it, and we typically don’t embrace it. The simple education of learning how to use that energy in a productive outlet that it is fun and healthy as a child, and is addictive in a POSITIVE way.  Similar to a runner’s “high”our children learn to crave the endorphins of activity and how it clears our brains to work at a higher level.
  • Confidencekidyes Daily challenges and daily successes. Ninja Zone recognizes that kids have unique barriers. We make it our mission to create a challenge that is appropriate to the child and the myriad of progressions  that our sport provides, enables us to do that. Skill progressions are broken down in such manor that each progression is a success!
  • Impulse Control – This applies to boys a bit more than girls, but is SO important in today’s parenting. We teach them to own the control over their actions & their decisions. We teach our young Ninjas that the control over their body is “their ninja power”. Their mind will ALWAYS be more powerful than their body.
  • Creed (Core Values) – We have a 10 point creed that instills self – responsibility, perseverance, mentorship, respect, and discipline. Ninja Zone is another voice for strong values. Busy parents need to be able to trust the influences on their childrens’ lives, and Ninja Zone supports them.
  • Work Ethic Ninja Zone teaches our students that it’s OK to feel a bit ‘taxed. It’s OK if  your arms shake a bit, or you’re a little out of breath. Ninja Zone teaches kids to see the value in doing things that aren’t easiest – but you do them because that’s what a real ninja does. Ninjas are good at hard stuff! Ninjas are good at trying new things.  Ninjas find success in working through adversity.
  • Self-ResponsibilityNinja Zone knows the importance of making our kids independent. It’s our duty as adults to challenge our children to do tasks they are capable of. Many times it’s easier for US to just to do it ourselves. This teaches our kids nothing. The more capable they are the more opportunities life will present them. We are limiting our children’s growth if we are doing things they can be doing for themselves.


Our job as parent’s is to surround our children with welcoming adults that value the same things we do! Ninja Zone welcomes you. Click Here to find a Ninja Zone Club near you.