How to Stay Sane During Back-to-School Time: COVID Edition

September 14, 2020 | Ninja Parents

By Lauren Lofgren

By now your family is probably back to school and returning to normalcy, a new kind of course! Keeping up with a ‘regular’ schedule is going to be a great way to help your family adjust so here are some tips you can try at home: 

For Littles (elementary):

  1. Make sanitizing time fun! If your child is at school all day you want to make sure those public germs are not entering your household. Setting up a routine for when they get home will be important but making it fun is even more of a focus! Things are a little scary and different these days, let’s get their attention on something else like: 
    1. Blow down your child in the garage with the leaf blower (they will love it!)
    2. Have a bathing suit in the garage ready to change into and the sprinkler going (while it’s still warm out!)
    3. Encourage pj’s inside the house so they can’t wait to change out of their school clothes
    4. Make your own soap with your children so they are excited to use it. Tutorial here Bonus if they get to pick a toy to put on the inside!
    5. Create a reward system if they do your steps without asking
  1. Create an ‘at-home’ schedule. Keeping a schedule is a great way for your child to feel and see control when the world seems to be out of control. 
    1. Create a Daily Schedule Calendar and post it somewhere prominent in your home.
Screen Shot 2020-09-14 at 1.14.04 PM

Tweens & Teens (middle & high school): 

  1. Keep accountability. If your middle or high schooler is only going to class every other day, staying focused may continue to be tricky. Try these ways to keep motivation high: 
    1. Busy Kids App – This app not only allows you to reward your child for completing tasks and chores but also gets them involved in managing their money through stocks and donations, a pretty cool idea!
    2. E-Learning Home Schedule  – check out our template here
  1. Masks – it’s still middle school, and what you wear still matters (unfortunately), invest in some cool/cute masks but also look into how to keep them comfortable. Many of their favorite brands are selling masks too! (The Today Show compiled a list!) For girls, these headbands can help with ear discomfort (and bangs in your face!).


  1. Family Meals – Keep up with (or start) all family meals, discuss what happened in your children’s day, what they are looking forward to, how it feels to be back to school with these new requirements, etc. Keep the conversation going!
  2. Time Together – Incorporate scheduled ‘nights-in’ with games, movies, talent shows, TikTok making, neighborhood walks, etc.! There are still plenty of things to do at home with each other – treasure these moments!
  3. Time Apart – And when you’ve spent WAY too much time together, block off times for those who want to be alone for a bit. Maybe a sign up sheet for a particular TV, game console, or part of the house that is just for them during a center amount of time? 

Remember, you’ve got this!