Ninja Games Registration

Ninja Games

The Competition Series for Ninja Sport

2018 Summer Ninja Games Dates & Information:

We are excited to announce THREE Ninja Games dates for our Summer Games series! Ninja Games competitions are scheduled on the following days, at these locations:

June 10th: NinjaZone Academy – Geist

July 15th: Wright’s FUNdamentals – North

August 26th: Wright’s FUNdamentals – Center Grove

*Each Ninja must attend a minimum of 2 Games Training Clinics. These clinics are no additional cost and included with registration. Check with your local gym for dates and times.

Single Games registration cost is $60 per event. For Ninjas choosing to participate in all 3 games, a discounted registration is available for $150.

Please note that a complete Ninja Games uniform is required (this is different from class uniforms!) If your Ninja participated in the 2018 Winter Ninja Games, they do not need to buy another uniform. All Ninjas must wear a 2018 Ninja Games shirt, black NinjaZone shorts, and headband to participate. Ninja Games uniforms are available for advance purchase only for $50.

The 2018 Ninja Games welcomes Lil Ninjas, White, Yellow, Green, and Blue Level Ninjas ages 3-13 at the Summer events. (Must be currently enrolled at a licensed NinjaZone facility.)



“To move uninterrupted through an environment or series of obstacles with fluidity, prowess, and stealth”

The CHALLENGE scene consists of the athlete maneuvering through obstacles such as barriers, tunnels, zip lines, railings, foam pits, up and down ropes, agility ladders, and more. Core strength and agility will be tested, in addition to speed. Courses will differ with competitive setting.

  • Each athlete will complete the course for time and execution
  • Value is placed on speed, strength, and execution of vaults.


“To use combinations of skillful spins, rolls, flips, and kicks to elude an opponent”

The FOCUS scene consists of the athlete performing 3-4 TAKES. (Picture a video game fight scene MINUS the opponent)

  • A TAKE is the name for the set of combinations of turns, rolls, kicks, flips, or jumps.
  • Depending on competitive level, the TAKES will be compulsory or freestyle.
  • Compulsory combos will be predetermined by Ninja Sports International.
  • Freestyle combos are the choice of the athlete.