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What Is NinjaZone?

Imagine a gym packed with Ninjas, running obstacles, flipping off the wall, and actually listening to what you say. Now imagine instructors that want to come to work, directors that help you stay organized, and parents that let you coach! I’m willing to bet that these are ‘wish list’ items for your gym. What if I told you our NinjaZone program helps make all this come true?

What can NinjaZone do for your club?

Open Enrollment

NinjaZone programming is taking the world by storm and has seen exponential growth in the past two years. In order to ensure our current customers receive the highest quality care, we periodically close down. Enrollment is currently closed until late 2017. Interested clubs are encouraged to see if they qualify in order to join the waitlist. 

Please note, limited spots are only available to highly qualified clubs.

Open Enrollment Closes Soon!

What do we offer in Ninja Sport?

Our curriculum is based around basic recreational gymnastics mats plus a Beam and Bar. You will need a carpeted foam floor, panel mats, blocks, barrels, wedge mats, and skill cushions. A tumble trak/trampoline and additional pre-school equipment are helpful such as spot markers, climbing rope, and cones. 

Licensing Benefits

Joining the largest program in Ninja Sport!

Comprehensive curriculum with progressions

Structured plan to launch in only 49 days

Invaluable online training for individual roles

Satisfying return on investment