Getting to Know Ninja Zone: Ninja Kelly Hansen

Hey Ninjas! We’re starting a blog series that’ll give you a chance to get to know the Ninjas behind the scenes of NinjaZone. This week, our featured Ninja is Ninja Kelly Hansen!

1. Name?



2. Age?



3. Eye Color?



4. FavoriteColor?



5. Job Title Here?

COO of NinjaZone Licensing.


6. First Job Ever?

I was a part of the kennel staff at a Veterinarian’s Office.


7. Where’d you go to high school?

Westfield High School.


8. Have kids?

Ones of the hairy variety.


9. If so, how many?

3 dogs.


10. Have any pets?

I have 3 dogs, 2 foster dogs, a hedgehog, and a turtle.


11. Who was your last text from?

My mom.


12. Who’s your last call from?

My husband.


13. Would you rather: eat one cockroach a day for the rest of your life, or have Donald Trump’s hair for the rest of your life?

Cockroach—I’m gonna need a little bit of mustard.


14. Favorite Ninja Move?

All of them!


15. Nachos or Tacos?

Both, always!


16. What’s the#1 thing to do on your bucket list?

Hold a koala!


17. Where is the coolest place you’ve ever been?

Lake Barcis, Italy.


18. What sports did you play as a kid?

I played soccer. I was a ribbon-holding Gymnast (for somewhere between 3 and 5 minutes. In elementary school).


19. Final question, what’s your favorite sport? (If you don’t say Ninja, you’re fired.)

Hockey and NINJA!


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