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Do something for your gym, your community, and yourself. Unsure? It’s a big investment, but you’ll see that it’s one worth making. From hiring, training, marketing and customized support, we’re with you every step of the way. When you take the leap, know that we’re here to catch you. See if you qualify below.

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We know that your gym is special to your community, but unfortunately NinjaZone might not be for everyone. Inform us about you and your facility below, and then check your inbox for your quiz results. There are no wrong answers, so respond to the best of your ability. If you qualify for our standard license, you’ll be sent a link to begin the application process where you will need to put a $500 deposit down to secure your spot. Worried about the upfront cost? View our pricing information below to read more on securing a return on your investment in NinjaZone programming.