What is NinjaZone?

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An Owner’s Perspective

What makes NinjaZone different?

NinjaZone allows smart, passionate club owners to amplify their business. Gyms are able to execute a program that drives results, using their own already-existing equipment and systems. We deliver state-of-the-art training, marketing materials, and curriculum to licensees, opening the door for increased enrollment, satisfied customers and children who can’t wait to come back. NinjaZone provides a value to club owners that not only cultivates innovation and change within their gym, but also instills skills and confidence in each child. More questions? Check out our common FAQs below.

1. The Training

Can’t imagine coaching a Ninja program, or have no idea where to start? No worries – we have you covered.

Our online HQ Portal offers step-by-step training modules, divided up by role. Skill videos, regular coach training and webinars, as well as printable materials to use while coaching are all available to our members. Need more training? We offer additional onsite, customizable training opportunities as well.

2. The Curriculum

Our out-of-the-box curriculum provides everything you need to run a successful Ninja program in your facility with the equipment you have at your disposal.

The NinjaZone curriculum is a highly developed program created by gymnastics coaches, managers, choreographers, martial arts experts, childhood development experts, and parkour aficionados. With NinjaZone, you use the people and equipment you already have and execute a ready-to-go program with progressional skill and disciplinary levels. Additionally, progress charts, parent communication and feedback forms, and a Lil’ Ninjas curriculum are provided.

3. The Support

We will do everything in our power to see you succeed, because your success means our success.

Our support team will personally walk you through the setup process and will be available to consult on even your smallest need. We offer our members personalized 1-on-1 support to meet their schedules, as well as monthly webinars to maintain an ongoing relationship. Our team utilizes multiple platforms to provide support including Facebook, email, phone, video chats, infographics, copy and paste messaging, and more. Additionally, you can leverage the power of our member and trainer Facebook groups to crowdsource ideas and compare solutions. You are never alone with NinjaZone.

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