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Licensing Options

Learn more about becoming a licensee

Standard License

  1. Tour our site and learn all about NinjaZone
  2. See if you qualify here
  3. Schedule a FREE Consultation here
  4. Apply for a License (paper or during phone consultation)
  5. If approved, submit and review NinjaZone location
  6. If approved, review and complete Licensing Agreement
  7. Get started in ONLY 49 days

Birthday Party License

  1. Visit the birthday party page.
  2. Act fast because this license type is very limited
  3. Schedule a FREE consultation here
  4. Apply for a Birthday Party License
  5. If approved, review and complete Licensing Agreement
  6. Attend onboarding webinar
  7. Start booking birthday parties

Get started today!

Schedule an appointment to chat or take our Member Club qualifying quiz to see if you qualify.