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Kids succeed.  You succeed.  We all succeed.

Why NinjaZone?

NinjaZone’s exclusive, professionally developed program delivers a customizable system for everyday performance. Whether you’re a new gym or a staple in the community, our intuitive method can help you reach your goals faster than before, make an impact on additional lives, and do more of what you love with equipment you already have!

NinjaZone - Why the Biggest & Best

What are Our Club Owners Saying?

The 120+ Ninjas we have in the gym now has allowed us to continue to make improvements at the gym, put money into savings, go on vacation, and give raises to our employees, all without having to touch our retirement income! We love what NinjaZone has done for us and our gym!

Ohio Sports Academy

Diane Trifiro

Ohio Sports Academy

It's just a rock-solid curriculum that makes sense to the gym owner, the parents, and the students. It's an easy transition from teaching gymnastics to teaching ninja and these boys are worn out at the end of the class. That's why the moms love it and it's such a huge hit at our gym.

Patti All-American

Patti Komara

Patti's All-American

Lets just say I have a little bit more fun money! Oh, but wait! I also renovated both bathrooms at my gym, put in a new storefront door, painted the interior and CELEBRATED because we have NO OPENINGS IN ANY NINJA CLASSES. I could not be happier.

Gymnastics Inc

Wendy Hylton

Gymnastics Inc.

In one year, NinjaZone has contributed a little over $215,000 in NEW revenue since we launched. I think my ROI is ok on this program. LOL! There is not a single other program that a gym could put in their location that would even come close to NinjaZone. Period!

Gymnastics Inc

Shane Harden

Impact Sports & Play Center

What’s Included?

For a limited time, take advantage of our new pricing model, offering a discount of 53% off of our old licensing fee. See the chart below for everything included in the standard license. New additions in 2018 include Monthly Curriculum Updates and Baby Ninja Programming (Walkers-Age 3).

All the benefits of the Birthday Party License are included with the purchase of a Standard License.

Add a NinjaZone Party License

NinjaZone parties are a great way to get kids and parents involved in your club. Not only that, NinjaZone parties can be a great way to recruit new ninjas into your classes!

The party courses are designed as a fun introduction to the NinjaZone program, a safe space for kids to test their strength and compete with friends.

Make your club a destination for active parents by adding a party license to your club today!

The Process

Standard License

  • Tour our site and learn all about NinjaZone
  • See if you qualify here
  • Schedule a FREE Consultation here
  • Apply for a License (paper or during phone consultation)
  • If approved, submit and review NinjaZone location
  • If approved, review and complete Licensing Agreement
  • Get started in ONLY 49 days

Birthday Party License

  • Visit the birthday party page.
  • Act fast because this license type is very limited
  • Schedule a FREE consultation here
  • Apply for a Birthday Party License
  • If approved, review and complete Licensing Agreement
  • Attend onboarding webinar
  • Start booking birthday parties

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