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Informational Videos

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Welcome! We’re so glad you hopped over here to learn more about us. We know you have questions, and that’s why we have created a video series (we’re visual learners around here) to address your questions and concerns. We get it—this is YOUR BUSINESS, and you want info up front to help you become more comfortable with making this decision. Use this series as a personal virtual tour through NinjaZone. This is the who, the what, the where, the WHY…and of course, the money.

Learn more about everything that comes with a license – marketing package, out of the box curriculum, training – hear what others are saying about NinjaZone, learn about the return on investment, insurance, and the exciting Ninja Games!

Learn all about what investing in NinjaZone can offer you as a business owner, and most importantly — the impact our program has on kids.

Is NinjaZone really worth it? What makes NinjaZone different from other gym rec programs? It’s simple. NinjaZone is a complete system and is the fastest possible way to get big results for your business. See how NinjaZone has caused a spike in enrollment and financial success for our members. Quite simply, by choosing NinjaZone, you are securing the future of your gym.

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