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What Can NinjaZone Curriuculm Do For Your Club?

Imagine a gym packed with Ninjas, running obstacles, flipping off the wall, and actually listening to what you say. Now imagine instructors that want to come to work, directors that help you stay organized, and parents that let you coach! I’m willing to bet that these are ‘wish list’ items for your gym. What if I told you our NinjaZone program helps make all this come true?

Licensing Benefits

NinjaZone allows smart, passionate club owners to amplify their business by executing a program that drives results, using their own equipment and systems.  We deliver state-of-the-art training, marketing materials, and curriculum to licensees, opening the door for increased enrollment ad, satiusfied customers.

  • Joining the largest program in Ninja Sport!
  • Comprehensive curriculum with progressions
  • Structured plan to launch in only 49 days
  • Invaluable online training for individual roles
  • Satisfying return on investment


NinjaZone programming is shaking up gyms around the world and has seen exponential growth over the past few years. After purchasing a NinjaZone license, we can have your program successfully launched in 49 days or less. This includes marketing your new Ninja program, training your people, and filling your classes. Most of our licensees launch their program with a waitlist.

But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself…

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Opportunities Are Everywhere!

Excited families and children are waiting for a NinjaZone program near them all across the country. License opportunities may be available in your area, so contact us today to see what’s happening near you.

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