Is Coaching Sucking the Life Out of You?

Does coaching stress you out? Do you see routines in your dreams? Maybe even grit your teeth, and tear up every now and then? Do you feel like your efforts aren’t noticed, recognized, appreciated, or trusted? Feeling like you care more than they do? Feeling like if they just believed you, just did what you…

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5 Ways to End Negativity in Your Staff Culture

Having employees is hard work. During stressful, busy, or chaotic times staff morale can hit a low point. When morale is down, negativity creeps into a workplace making the environment toxic. As business owners, directors, coaches, and leaders we need to work on changing the energy around us when it starts to go downhill. I…

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Building Up Boys: A Response to “Can American Ninja Warrior Save Men’s Gymnastics?”

A couple of months ago, a piece was written then published on Deadspin entitled “Can American Ninja Warrior Save Men’s Gymnastics?” This is, NinjaZone CEO and Founder, Casey Wright’s response. I’m Casey Wright, founder of the NinjaZone. I’m super sorry we were out of fidget spinners. Those fidget spinners were fun, but actually, represent a…

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4 Keys to Successful Gym Ownership

This piece was generously contributed by Diane Trifiro of Ohio Sports Academy. My name is Diane Trifiro and my husband and I own Ohio Sports Academy (formerly known as Hand to Hand) in Springboro OH. When our son David, joined Hand 2 Hand in 1997 as a seven-year-old, it never ever entered my mind that…

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The Problem With Pink

It all started when we tried to buy my daughter a bicycle for her fourth birthday. Oh, who am I kidding. It started when we found out we were pregnant with my daughter even though we wouldn’t know she was a “daughter” until the day of her birth. Waiting to find out the sex of…

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After School Snacks For Kids

After School Snacks for Kids

Are your kids suffering from the after school munchies? Here are 3 tasty snacks for kids! Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Energy Bites 1 cup of dry oatmeal 1/2 cup of ground flax seeds 1/2 cup of peanut butter (or almond butter, sunflower seed butter, etc.) 1/3 cup of agave nectar (can be substituted with honey…

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Setting Goals for School

The school will be starting up soon or it may have started for some of your kids. A great way to get your child pumped for the year is to have them set some goals! Goals promote great character traits in your kids such as responsibility and discipline. Setting goals will also help keep your…

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Back to School Reading

3 Back to School Posts

The school season is approaching fast and there are a lot of things to consider going into it! Some of them may be how to improve your child’s success this year and activities to get them involved! Here are some articles to get you thinking about your child and this upcoming school year! How Physical…

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Ninja Inspired Sugar Cookie Recipe

Ninja Inspired Sugar Cookies

Do you have a child with sweet ninja moves and a little bit…a huge sweet tooth? Well here is a fun and sweet, ninja inspired sugar cookie recipe for you. The recipe is nice and simple and can be done with your kiddo! You are going to need a few ingredients and some imagination as…

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22 Funny Parenting Tweets

We all have those moments when we take a step back and wonder where we went wrong. Whether you have personal experience with some of these situations or not, we can all appreciate struggling through parenting. It’s as funny as it is rewarding! When at least your kid gets the right vowel sound… Because even…

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