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School Groups & Field Trips

We are excited to welcome school groups to the Academies on select days of the week at the NinjaZone Academy at Grand Park for field trips and fundraisers!


Both Academy locations are happy to host fundraising opportunities for your non-profit group. Email megan@theninjazone.com to learn more.

Field Trip Education Grants

Education grants are available to schools that meet our eligibility requirements. Schools with 40% or more students that qualify for free or reduced-priced lunch may attend one of our workshops at no cost. These schools may also apply for free transportation. Annual education grants are limited. To learn more, email megan@theninjazone.com.

Homeschool Groups

Classes at the NinjaZone Academy takes physical fitness to the next level. Our unique 50 minute classes focus on the individual needs of the child, while running them through obstacles and challenges meant to strengthen their bodies and minds. Children experience a connection to fitness and sports through meaningful interactions with our coaches within a FUN environment. In addition to one 50 minute class per week, children with a Homeschool Membership are invited to three 30 minute Challenge Sessions that are play-based and child-led. Step outside of the ordinary for your physical education hours and allow your child to experience their new favorite sport.

*Homeschool membership Focus Classes (50 minute, instructor-led) are held Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings with Challenge Sessions (30 minute open gym, child-led) each of those mornings, as well. Membership is $85 and includes on Focus Class and up to 3 Challenge Sessions.


Your class’ NinjaZone Academy experience begins now

Introduce students to the exciting world of Ninja Sport during one of our 1-hour workshops lead by a highly trained Ninja instructor. Children are taught the basics of a foundational skill during Focus class, and are able to push through their fears while exploring The Rig!


Pricing & Scheduling

Field trips are scheduled in 1-hour sessions, and cost is $10 per child. Must be a licensed preschool, accredited Indiana K-5 school, or organized homeschool group of 10 or more. We can accept children ages 3-11 only.

Due to our specialized equipment, “pay for play” or open gym is not permitted.

Contact the respective Academy Director to schedule your group: Grand Park Academy – rudi@theninjazone.com

NinjaZone Academy at Grand Park: (317) 763-1980