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Grand Park Intro Class

Click button below or call the Academy at Grand Park to sign up!

We are changing the world at the NinjaZone Academy at Grand Park!
For a limited time, NinjaZone is offering a no obligation Intro class for only $5.
This promotion only lasts while we have space, so sign up TODAY!

or 317-763-1980

Ninja Sport is a fierce fusion of obstacle course training, gymnastics, martial arts, & freestyle movement, focusing the energy of your children while building their confidence. The NinjaZone Academy locations are the professional training facilities of Ninja Sport for children ages 3-11.


NinjaZone Academy’s curriculum was created and based upon science and strategies from early childhood professionals. NinjaZone Academy teaches kids based on how they learn, from both a biological and emotional vantage point. We call it “The Grit Method.”