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What Is NinjaZone Academy?

A New Sport With a New Approach

NinjaZone Academy at Geist Offers Something Different


Child Centered, Differentiated Instruction:

Because class size is small (a 8-to-1 ratio), instruction is personalized for your ninja and their skill level, ability and strengths. Ninja skills are broken down into components so Ninjas are able to master seemingly complex skills over time, leaving them with a sense of accomplishment.


Strategically Trained Coaches:

To ensure a successful and fun experience for your child, NinjaZone insists on a rigorous process for interviewing and training coaches. As a result, our coaches are well versed in strategies for developing athletic precision as well as teaching techniques based on the latest research.

No Bench Time

No Bench Time:

At NinjaZone, most of our equipment is in triplicate, so your ninja won’t be standing around. Instead, class time is spent working on skills, focused and playing hard.


Professional Athletic Training:

Our instructional program is designed around organized, comprehensive, step-wise methods of skill building. Through the NinjaZone Program, ninjas develop a foundation in athletics that can serve them well in other sports beyond the Academy.

Designed by Olympic-level trainers as well as experts in in early childhood education, the NinjaZone Academy combines the best aspects of athletics, kinesthetic learning, and child psychology to create a truly unique sport that is focused on creating positive experiences for youngsters.

Here is what your Ninja can expect to learn:

  • Agility
  • Strength
  • Stealth
  • Vaulting
  • Flipping

As a parent, you will see that NinjaZone is about more than teaching the physical skills. The program helps young people to learn critical character values such a respect, grit, discipline, and self-responsibility.

Meet The Rig!

At the NinjaZone Academy at Geist, we’re committed to making each Ninja class an adventure. Using our unique obstacle course known as The Rig! Ninjas build confidence and develop skills. Our state-of-the-art equipment along with our technologically-enhanced instruction make for an unforgettable experience.

Mission Ceremonies

A Mission Ceremony takes place when a ninja boy or ninja girl advances through the program to the next headband level. The progression goes from white to yellow to green and then to blue.

When Ninjas are ready to level up, trainers will certify the student’s progress by filling out an “Invitation to Mission Card.” To advance at the Mission Ceremony, held on a monthly basis, ninjas will demonstrate skill mastery and knowledge of The Creed.

The Ninja Games

Ninja Sports International organizes Ninja Games competitions at the invitational, regional, and national level. Ninjas have an opportunity to compete, test their skills and have fun.

NinjaZone Academy at Geist: (317) 288-4212