The Power of Little Words

[social_warfare] Words Are Powerful  Often the words that have the most power are little tiny words.  But, why, me, I,  and no often pack a bigger punch than much longer words.  How and when we use these little words creates a lasting impact. One of my favorite little words is,  “yet”.   When my kids come…

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Kiss Peer Pressure Goodbye: How to Raise a Confident Son

[social_warfare] The mother-son relationship is a special one. For parents of both genders, we know it can be different. Do you find yourself being more nurturing to your sons than your daughters? As mothers, we have to be careful not limit their potential by, in essence, loving too much. We want sons to become the…

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The 6 Character Pillars of Ninja Zone

Ninja Zone’s mission is to build the character and athletic foundation of a child through sport. Ninja Zone has a Character Pillar that is integral to the curriculum.   Ninja Zone values a community of good people raising great kids. Strong people. People that believe in teaching their children to work hard, play hard, and make a difference.   The Ninja…

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3 Ways Ninja Games Changes Face of Kids Sporting Events

brothers ready for the ninja games

The Ninja Games – a new sporting event geared to young kids and foundational athletics,  has done it. A  well needed face lift for youth sports competitions. It took a new sport to do it, and Ninja Sport is taking the US by storm, and here’s why… Welcome to the weekend in suburbia… Two working parents, four…

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