The Difference in Boys and Girls Learning: Why Active Play is Beneficial

[social_warfare] Boys versus girls. You’ll see evidence of the ongoing battle on every playground, all around the world. There are obvious differences when dealing with the battle of the sexes, but when we strive to understand them, we can accommodate the needs of nearly any child.   Simply put, the majority boys & girls learn…

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Ninja Zone: Long-Term Benefits for Kids

[social_warfare] The importance of “grit,” “determination,” and “work ethic” are all the rage right now in determining school success in children, a concept that is wholeheartedly understood and observed by thousands of coaches all over. It’s a fact that athletes with less natural ability, but high levels of work ethic surpass athletes with lots of…

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How Physical Activity Will Help Children Perform Better In School

[social_warfare] We all want our children to perform at their personal best academically and in this world of constant screens and sedentary lifestyles, being on top of his physical game is a great way to ensure your child is topping his academic potential, too. One would assume that more studying and less time “playing” would…

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Active Play and “Roughhousing” Makes Kids Smarter

[social_warfare] As the mother of two little ones, I’m keenly in tune to of the physical nature of boys. It’s a rare occurrence in my house if there isn’t running, jumping, tumbling, or tackling. I’ve often joked to friends that sitting on the floor in my home is an open invitation to start wrestling. But…

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Bring More Bucks to Gymnastics with Ninja Zone

[social_warfare] Flips, tucks, cartwheels, handstands, somersaults: all things you think about when you hear the word “gymnastics”. And when you think about gymnastics, most of the time that also means thinking about leotards, ponytails, and smiling young girls. But not this time.   Entrepreneur Casey Wright takes the foundations of gymnastics a step further, bridging…

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NINJA ZONE Develops Lasting Skills in a Fun Forum

[social_warfare] There are only so many sports children can get involved with at age three or four. Soccer? Check. T-ball? Been there, done that. Tumbling? Yawn. What parents really want is something that is FUN and something that will get their kids MOVING. NINJA ZONE to the rescue. NINJA ZONE provides a place for kids…

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Advice for Parents and Coaches: How to Encourage Intrinsic Motivation, Stamina, and Grit in Children

[social_warfare]   Grit, meaning to have courage and resolve, be tenacious, and able to persevere through adversity is not only used to describe the toughest warriors and soldiers, but has become the hottest term in child development today. Parents everywhere are trying to figure out how best to ensure their children are filled to the…

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3 Benefits of Youth Agility Training

Youth Agility Training

Agility training was once thought to be exclusive to professional athletes, but over the years, those training styles have trickled down.  With the advent of high intensity workouts, CrossFit, etc, the advantages of youth agility training is becoming the forefront of a balanced athlete. In this article, we’ll talk about the top 3 benefits of…

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High Intensity Workout for Kids – Ninja Zone

high intensity workout for kids

So you’ve got a little boy with a ton of energy.  You know that you need to burn off some of that steam, but Little League seems to have him doing a lot of sitting and standing without a real workout.  What if I told you that there was finally a high intensity workout for…

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Focused Energy: The Key to Productivity

Focused Energy

Something that we talk a lot about here at Ninja Zone is the idea of Focused Energy.  As parents, we know better than most about the INSANE amount of energy that our little ones have.  But what if I told you that if we figured out a way to embrace that energy into productive mental…

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