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Casey Wright

Casey is the NinjaZone Founder and CEO. She is a mom & bonus mom to four young children and wife to Jeremy, whom she believes to be the best man on the planet (sorry, ladies!). Casey started working in her parent’s gym as a receptionist at age 7 and has been fostering her entrepreneurial spirit and business skills since that time. During her time at the IU Kelley School of Business, she continued to pursue her passion for all things gymnastics. An early bloomer, Casey was the US’s youngest National Team Coach, Level 10 Judge, club owner, and led a few dozen incredible athletes to the NCAA, all inside of 3 decades.  When Casey isn’t e-learning anything she can get her mouse on, she is busy living by her personal motto: “Be the first one on the dance floor.” She car-dances to country and hip-hop, and hopes to learn to do the West Coast Swing. Casey is desperately waiting for an invitation to one of Gatsby’s parties, where she can show off her moves. In the meantime, she gets a kick out of watching other people dance. Especially Trainer Danny.

Tanya is NinjaZone’s multi-talented Business Consultant. With degrees in Business Administration and Law, her professional life has included a multitude of varying experiences, including Sales, Project Management, and Technology (SAAS). She has worked with Fortune 100 companies, as well as building businesses from the ground up, and was Casey’s consultant before joining the NZ crew. She specializes in helping small businesses succeed and grow, and has a passion for watching kids reach their full potential, making NinjaZone a perfect fit. Tanya is also the lucky mom to two awesome kids, Jackson and Lauren.

Tate is officially the Director of Optimization, but he prefers to be known as his alias--Badass Ninja Boss (or, simply…”The Bald One.”). Tate is married to an amazing lady, and has two giggly little girls who are growing up too quickly. Tate’s hard work is motivated by the thought of an early retirement somewhere on a beach. He loves to travel with his family, and when he’s not number crunching, he’s also our resident problem-solver, whether he wants to be or not.

Danny is set to receive his AS in Business Administration, which will serve him well in his position as the Director of Curriculum and Instruction for NinjaZone. Danny’s passion, however, lies in working with kids, and for the past five years he has been thriving as a coach for recreational and competitive gymnastics. The thought of bettering the world through his influence on a child keeps Danny pushing for greatness. When he isn’t working, Danny can be found playing guitar. He also enjoys live music and tending to his growing locks, which he plans to soon donate to charity.

Kelly is VP of GSD at NinjaZone by day, and a zookeeper at home by night. She and her husband give sanctuary to a variety of animals, including dogs (Bunk, Job, and Higgins as well as some foster dogs), a turtle named Potter, and a hedgehog named Weebay. Kelly is the resident overachiever, with a degree in Behavioral Neuroscience from Purdue, a side gig at the Misty Eyes Animal Rescue Center, and she also happens to be a Registered Nurse. If she ever has trouble finding a job in one of those fields, Kelly plans to become a professional organizer, and possibly tour with Snoop Dogg.

Descended from Olympic royalty (his great, great-grandfather was an Olympic athlete), Michael, the Director of Program Instruction, has sports in his blood. He was a four-sport athlete in high school, and a three-time football state champion. Michael gives 110% to everything he chooses to do and his time at NinjaZone is no different. While he loves working with kids, NinjaZone also ties in nicely with Michael’s love of comics and superheros. If you peer in while the gym is closed, you might be able to catch him attempting to master Batman’s best moves. No, seriously. It’s happened.

With her B.S. in Strategic Communication, and a double minor in Entrepreneurship and Health Education and Promotion, Stephanie is well-qualified as the NinjaZone Director of Business Development and Promotions. Her motto is “Work hard. Play hard.” In addition to her professional successes, which include five years as a Regional Sales Manager for Toter, and positions within the University of Utah Athletics Department, Stephanie was also a five-time NCAA Gymnastics All-American and a four-year starter on the University of Utah Women’s Gymnastics team. While she has already checked off some amazing bucket list items, she still has at least one more life goal: setting foot on every continent. She loves to skydive, she can’t whistle, and she would totally marry George Clooney if he showed up on her doorstep.

Megan is an early childhood educator by trade and training, and holds a PhD in Elementary Education, Administration, and Research from Ball State University. After ten years of teaching, she left the classroom to pursue her passion of childhood development and research through adventures with two young boys of her own. When Megan’s oldest son heard about NinjaZone, she did some investigating, became drawn to the company’s mission, and is now the Director of Marketing and Public Relations. Megan is married to her wonderful husband, Jason, who shares her passion in marketing, entrepreneurship, live music, and all things outdoors. Megan has a “healthy” obsession with Dave Matthews Band, and loves great food and even better wine.

Audra is Director of Member Success, and also a member of the marketing team at NinjaZone.  Audra leaves behind a long career in insurance, although her true love lies in writing. Audra’s passion for language lead her to earn a B.A. in English, and outside of NZ she is a freelance writer, ghost blogger, and pun enthusiast (she’d probably tell you a chemistry joke, but she knows she wouldn’t get a reaction.) If Audra weren’t employed with NinjaZone, she’d probably spend most of her time chasing down John Stamos (it’s a totally healthy obsession. See Megan’s DMB reference above). Audra is married with two awesome kids, and can be found at Starbucks in the morning, and enjoying a glass of wine at night.

Jason is the Digital & Creative Tribe Lead at Ninja Zone, and when he’s not busy being pulled in a million different directions, he can be found hanging out with his 6 kids (yeah...that’s not a typo). He describes himself as a creative, problem solving, tech geek. He is a HUGE soccer fan, and can be found cheering for Indy Eleven out of Indianapolis. If he could choose any superpower, he would want to be able to read minds. His favorite hobbies include soccer, drawing (he’s a heck of an artist!), movies, and hanging out with his family. His personal hero is his dad, and his motto is simply that he tries to be the best version of himself everyday.

Emily is joining NinjaZone as a Marketing Specialist. She is excited to be a part of a team that strives to make a positive and well-rounded impact on the youth of today and tomorrow. Emily is obsessed with tortilla chips and tacos. She absolutely loves Target, and her favorite sports teams all stem from Chicago. Her mom is her hero, and she describes herself as energetic, open-minded, outgoing, goofy, and hardworking. Her favorite quote is from Joan Rivers: “Life goes by fast. Enjoy it. Calm down. It’s all funny.”

Tyler joined Ninja Zone as Brand Ambassador. He is working deeply in Threads N’ Digs and also brings Graphic Design experience to the table. He is super excited to change the world with Ninja Zone, and recognizes that we’re all just getting started! His favorite drink is Mountain Dew, and he SWEARS by tossing a can of MD on the stove and sprinkling in cinnamon. “It’ll change your life!” When not perusing Amazon, he can be found attending a Colts, Reds, Pacers, or Hoosiers game. His favorite hobby is tailgating, and he loves Avet Brothers and AC/DC. He describes himself as thoughtful, generous, creative, competitive, and patient.

Rudi comes to us as an experienced business owner, musician, and awesome human! Rudi is our NinjaZone Academy Guru, and the Director of our Grand Park Academy in Westfield, IN. When he’s not working in the Academy, he’s at the Montessori school that he and his wife run. If he’s not there, you’ll find him performing as his alter-ego: “Ruditoonz,” a singer and songwriter of songs for kids. Rudi’s favorite quote is: “Be nice, and have fun.” Rudi has a daily video series known as, “rudiMental,” where he takes just a few minutes a day to inspire and motivate. You can check it out over at theninjazone.com/rudimental. To relax, Rudi likes to record in his basement studio, go to concerts, and hang out with his wife and daughter. Wilson, Rudi’s Labradoodle, is the unofficial office therapy dog. If he could change anything in the world, Rudi would replace all hate with love.

Susan joins NinjaZone as Project Manager, overseeing the team’s work across business units and in our project management tool, Asana.

She’s lead strategy in PR and marketing for her entire career, with stops in publishing, relocation services, a marketing agency and most recently, lending her talents as an independent market strategist.

An IU grad and Journalism major, Susan’s on a quest to improve the world’s grammar and put an end to the abuse of apostrophes.

She’s a mom and wife, lover of tennis, golf (viewing), Pinterest, college hoops and quasi-binger on Netflix.

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